HST Oregon

Car Testing Division

Amid the concerns of COVID-19, HST Oregon is issuing the following policy for all testing:

  1. Due to the current mask mandate, we ask that you wear a mask during the drive test while inside the vehicle and when 6ft of distance is not able to be achieved. Please wipe down the interior of your test vehicle prior to testing. This will help to cut down on germs in general - and testing in a clean vehicle is always welcome!

  2. If you are sick or feel as if you’re coming down with something, please contact the office immediately and we will reschedule your test. We do require a two-week waiting period in between testing for rescheduling due to illness. Any applicant that shows up to a test and appears to be sick will be rescheduled.

The health and well-being of our staff is important to us; as is the health and well-being of each applicant we interact with. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.

503-756-3244 Drive@HstOregon.com

About Us

HST Oregon has been a third-party testing organization for Commercial Driver License's for the past 6 years. We are delighted to be now adding Non-Commercial Driver License testing to our business. We are quickly working to add more test site locations and Examiners to meet the needs of all applicants throughout Oregon. Keep an eye on our website as it updates and watch us as we grow!

Jay Hoffman - Owner: Jay comes from a trucking family and has been in the trucking industry since he was 19 years old. With over 3 million miles in the seat, Jay's over the road knowledge and safety awareness makes him an excellent Trucker, Examiner, and Business Owner. Jay oversees the daily operation of HST Oregon.

Crystal Catt - Examiner Supervisor: Catt's background in commercial driving and training gives her excellent experience to contribute to our drive test division. Catt's professional demeanor and fun attitude is great for anyone getting to test with her!

Erica Blanco - Examiner: Erica joins us with a strong customer service background. Erica is friendly, compassionate and fun. Enjoy your time testing with her!

Samantha Muniz - Examiner: Samantha is our Bilingual Examiner and has been a breath of fresh air to HST Oregon. Samantha is professional, fun and proving to be a great addition to our company.

Angela Daglen - Examiner: Angela joins us as a part time Examiner to the local Wilsonville community. Angela's calm presence is a great fit for everyone who may be nervous while testing.

Brandon Purol - Examiner: Brandon is the Lead Examiner for the HST Oregon Commercial Division. He has now cross-trained to be able to conduct non-commercial drive tests as well. Brandon's years of testing commercial drivers makes him sharp, attentive and fair with every one of his applicants.

Megan Knudsen - Admin: Megan handles the Non-Commercial scheduling like a champ. While answering phone calls and knocking out the vast quantity of email inquiries each day, Megan has began learning the Office Manager duties.

Jocey Vera - Admin: Jocey is a wonderful addition to the HST Oregon team with her spunky demeanor and her awesome bilingual skills. Jocey is super busy handling all of the Non-Commercial Drive Test scheduling for our bilingual customers.

Jannett Nunez - Admin: Jannett recently joined our team and is quickly proving to be a great addition. Being bilingual as well, Jannett is providing the much needed help to Jocey managing the calls coming in from our bilingual customers.