ELDT - Entry Level Driver Training

Anyone who received their Commercial Learner Permit on or after 2/7/2022 will need to be certified in Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) before they can be scheduled for the pracitical portion of the CDL Test.

ELDT Consists of three parts:

  1. Theory - this portion can be completed through an online provider or through our full training program. Through our program, you will be provided classroom training going through the requirements for Thoery certification. Approximate hours: 4

  2. Practical Range - this is practical training done in a truck yard going through the practical pre-trip of your vehicle and backing maneuver requirments for the Range certification. Approximate hours: 8

  3. Practical Road - this is practical training done over the road going through the practical road requirements for the Road certification. Approximate hours: 8

Our full training program consists of 2 1/2 days of training covering Theory, Range and Road. Cost: $2500.00 per applicant.

Our partial training program consists of 2 days of training covering Range and Road only. This is specifically for those applicants who have already completed their Theory training through an online provider. A discount of $200.00 is applied for this option. Cost: $2300.00 per applicant.

** All training is done at the applicants location with the applicants own vehicle. **

Ready to get started on your Commercial Driving journey? Call HST Oregon @ (530) 421-3421


Have a large group you would like trained for your company? Contact us at (503) 421-3421, we would be happy to talk to you about training details and a possible large group discount for services.

*Training hours are approximate; payment for services is for the certification, not actual hours trained.