Asked Questions

The CDL Test can often be a daunting task for even the most seasoned driver. We often hear from applicants about how they did not expect the test to cover as much, or be so detailed. This section will hopefully help you better prepare for the practical portion of your CDL test.

First and foremost, read chapters 11, 12 & 13 in the Oregon Commercial Driver Manual (Click on the link to the left or you can pick up a paper copy at any Oregon DMV location). These three chapters go into detail on the pre-trip, backing maneuvers, and road test expectations.

Second, click on the link to the left to view the Oregon CDL Memory Aid. A laminated copy of this Memory Aid will be handed to you by the Examiner at time of test. It is there to help you through your pre-trip and air brake portion of the test. Best advice - USE IT! It will help you remember what is needed to cover for the test and keep you on track throughout your pre-trip.

      • If it is not on the memory aid, you do not need to address it.

      • If it is on the memory aid, but your vehicle is not equipped with the item, you do not need to address it.

DMV Contact Info

  • The DMV is currently using an alternative method of contact for services. Many services are now offered online, while other in-office services are being scheduled as appointments.

  • Click on the DMV Website link below.

I didn't pass my test - Now what?

How long do I have to wait in between tests?

There are no longer wait times between failed tests!

The old rule of waiting 1, 2 and 4 weeks is now gone!

Your minimum wait time between any testing is now simply 48 hours. That's it. Easy. Done.

But wait! There's more! No more 5 test cap limit either! Those of you who may be struggling a bit can now test as often as needed under your current permit issuance. Sometimes you just need that one more test to get it done, here's your chance!

I passed my Pre-Trip, do I have to do it again?

Well, No...and Yes. It's complicated.

Generally, if you pass your pre-trip but do not pass on another portion of your test, your pre-trip is banked and you will not have to re-take it on future retests. However, the pre-trip pass is only banked for the current permit it is taken with. Once that permit expires, the pre-trip will need to be re-taken under the newly issued permit.

I passed my Backing, do I have to do it again?

You can now bank your BCS scores!

These fall under the same guidelines as the banking of the pre-trip scores.

So, if you fail your road test, no more having to come back and do the BCS over again. You passed it, congrats! You can now just do the road test and move on.