Day of Test

1.  You must provide your own vehicle for testing.  We do not provide a vehicle for the test.  See: CDL Test Vehicle Requirements  **Door tag must be present and readable on vehicle to ensure proper GVWR.  If the door tag is not present or readable, your test could be canceled.  Cancellation policy will apply.**

2.  Bring your ODL and CLP.  Even though you sent pictures of these to get scheduled, you MUST present the originals of your ODL and your CLP to the Examiner at time of test, no exceptions.  **Expired and/or hole punched documents are invalid; your test will be canceled if either document is expired or hole punched. Your CLP issuance date must not be less than 14 days from test date.  If you get re-issued a CLP and it is less than 14 days old, your test will be cancelled.  Cancellation policy will apply**

3.  Bring proof of insurance and current registration for the vehicle you're testing in. **Proof of insurance must be current.  Expired or missing insurance documentation will require test cancellation.  Cancellation policy will apply.**

4.  You and your test vehicle must be on site 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test time.  Arriving late could cause the test to be canceled or rescheduled.

**Cancellation Policy -  A full test fee will be assessed for any reschedules or cancels less than 72 hours notice - NO EXCEPTIONS**

5.  Test Fee - Select link below for online test payment.  Test must be paid for at least 5 days prior to test day or reserved test appointment time may be canceled.   Please contact the HST Oregon office if you need to make other arrangements for the payment of your test. 503-421-3421

6.  Being on test grounds is for TESTING ONLY; no practicing allowed.  Anyone accompanying you to the test must stay away from the testing area.  Interruption of the test could result in cancellation or test failure.   

7.  Cell phone use is prohibited during the test.  Cell phones, bluetooth devices, cameras, and recorders must be turned off and stored away during the test.

8.  At most locations, there are no accommodations on site; please take care of restroom use before you arrive and come prepared for the weather of the day. 

9.  The test takes approximately two hours, depending on location.

10.  You will go through a pre-trip.  If that is passed, you will move on to backing maneuvers.  If those are passed, you will move on to a road test.  And, if that is passed, Congratulations! You will be able to contact the DMV the following day to arrange for pick up your Commercial Drivers License!